Initiatives at WIC are geared towards improving the college experience for all students, staff and communities

At WIC  we are dedicated to fostering equal opportunities, social development and personal wellbeing. We follow a range of initiatives to achieve and maintain our high standards. As a result, our community is constantly growing and improving.

Our goal is to make the college a force for positive change: for students, staff, the city of London and the world.


Key initiatives

  • Equality and diversity : Embracing and integrating equality, diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our success and growth as an institution of higher education. We have an Equality and Diversity framework to ensure that the contribution of each member of staff and each student will be valued equally.
  • Community engagement: WIC has played an important role in providing educational opportunities for our local communities. Engagement with local groups is central to our ethos as a community college.
  • Widening participation: We believe that anyone with the potential to study in higher education should be able to attend university. Widening participation aims to promote and provide the opportunity of successful participation in higher education to everyone who can benefit from it.
  • Customer service: We are focused on giving staff and students a college experience of maximum value.
  • Health and wellbeing : The workplace should promote good health and wellbeing, to maintain high staff morale and encourage a positive lifestyle.

updated: 30th March 2017