Entry Requirement

WIC’s entry requirements vary depending on the course and the level or stage at which the student wishes to join. Each course has its own academic entry requirements, including the level of English language proficiency. All such details are listed under the course description.

Our experienced Admissions Team will be happy to guide you through the whole process. Prospective students should follow the guidelines below:

  • Copies of qualifications must be attested
  • All documents not in English must be translated by an approved translator
  • Generally, to join an undergraduate course, a school leaving certificate is required
  • To join a postgraduate programme, an applicant is normally required to have a good degree from a UK or another recognised overseas institution
  • Merely satisfying the formal admission requirements for a course does not automatically lead to admission. We take into account a student’s past work experience, plus personal and intellectual attributes.

Continuous growth of our education services and to become the secret behind every individual's successful career.

  • We play a unique role in society, making Higher Education open to all
  • We promote social justice through the development of knowledge and skills
  • We lead the learning revolution, placing innovation at the heart of outreaching and research
  • We continuously seek new and better ways to inspire and enable learning
  • We create world class research and teaching
  • We respond to the needs of individuals and employers and the community in which they live and work
  • We are dedicated to supporting our students' learning success

"To maximise intellectual and personal growth of individuals by providing high-quality and innovative educational programmes.
"Waltham International College's mission is to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. We promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential."
How we deliver our mission
Waltham International College's Strategic Plan 2014-2015 is the means by which we will continue transforming lives through education, building on our success and delivering our mission in a changing world.
Open to all

Most of our undergraduate courses have no formal entry requirements. We believe that the qualifications our students have when they leave are the only ones that matter.
We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, and close monitoring makes sure that we live up to our ideals.


We pioneer teaching and learning methods so people can achieve career and life goals, studying at times and in places to suit them.
1) The burning desire of the founders to achieve the mission and vision of the business.
2) Keeping our students at the centre of our organization, our thoughts and our plans.
3) Excellence of all of our employees and their welfare.
4) To meet KPI's for all the individual projects in order to make our overall business a success.

Short term 6 months to 2 years;

  • To have our college up and running successfully
  • To develop the skills required for an extensive College project.
  • To achieve KPI's in Operations, HRM, Finance and Marketing.

Long term 3-6 years;

  • To have our education services running successfully throughout UK.
  • To establish the brand of WIC as the secret behind every individual's career success.
  • Excellence in our Operational performance

updated: 30th March 2017