Functional Skills

Functional skills are qualifications in English, Maths and ICT that equip learners with the basic practical skills required in everyday life, education and the workplace. They have been designed as the replacement skills qualifications for

 Key Skills and Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy (ALAN)  qualifications and are available at Entry Level 1 through to Level 2.

They are stand-alone qualifications in their own right, but they're also embedded within GCSEs, and are a component of the 14-19 Diploma and the Foundation Learning suite of qualifications. In addition, functional skills are a mandatory part of the BTEC Apprenticeships framework.

WIC is an Edexcel Approved Test Centre for Functional Skills. Level 1 and Level 2 tests are available On-Demand.


  • Tests are available on demand and can be taken when learners are ready.
  • Tests can be taken in a non-traditional exam environment, making the tests more engaging for some learners.

  • Candidates can be entered to resit on the same day that the initial results are received, or as soon as they are ready.

  • Results will be available via Edexcel Online. within four weeks of Edexcel receiving the test file. Candidates need to contact us to access their results.