Students Information

London is often named as 'best student city'. It is very welcoming to the student lifestyle and many establishments are geared towards students so we offer you the best surroundings to have fun whilst studying with us.

At WIC we are committed to provide high quality programmes and services and to give our students the best possible experience.

Our Support staff offers assistance to all students in various areas;


WIC offers individual counselling to students who wish to consult our experienced staff. WIC has an appointed "Student Welfare Officer” to provide support and advice on following:

  • Personal issues
  • Pastoral support
  • Finances
  • General support
  • Non-academic complaints
  • CV Drafting
  • Work Placements

Arrangements are made to find students work placement as part of their studies.

Residential Life (non-London residents)

WIC understands that students spend a lot of time arranging the accommodation that suits their needs. At the moment we do not offer any Halls of Residence, but we do assist our students in finding a suitable accommodation as we have a network of local agents at hand which we use for our students time and again.

Please contact our Admissions Office in case you require our services in this regard.

Student Health (non-London residents)

Registration with a GP is a must for every student and we do have a document listing all the nearest GP details and this document could be obtained by contacting our Admissions Team, who would be happy to assist you in finding a local Health Centre that suits you.

Campus Safety

WIC strives to provide a safe environment for our students and give them a peace of mind so that they can concentrate on the studies and other activities and become more productive.

Our premises have security cameras and alarms installed to ensure the safe running of our premises. We have set policies that define actions and expectations related to creating a safe environment and health and safety. Each member of our staff and all students are trained on induction and given the basic knowledge to keep themselves and others around them safe at all times.

The College reserves the right to dismiss or suspend any student at any time when, in the case they do not adhere to the objectives or policies of WIC.

Privacy and Student Records

We collect record and use personal information as indicated in Data protection ACT 1998. A complete copy of Data Protection Policy can be requested at any time from our Administration office or can be downloaded from our website.

College Identification Card

Students are issued a student identification card. The card provides access to various services at our college and can also be used as identification in exam settings. There is a charge of £10 for re-issue of the card in case of loss / damage.

Letter Verification

All the letters issued from the college can be verified here. Take the barcode from the bottom of the letter and enter in the space provided for verification.

updated: 30th March 2017